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The Web Browser - Your Surf Board

One of the goals of this blog is to inform you, our esteemed reader of the things I wish all my clients knew. So today we are going to tackle what many of you may think to be quite a basic topic, but you would be surprised how many of my customers are confused by it. (conversely, if you learn something new today, you are not alone!)

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New Website 101

You may be a master Web Surfer, or you could be a newbie, but either way, surfing the web, and having your own website, are two somewhat different things. When looking into acquiring yourself a website, there tends to be some initially confusing elements. Lets start off with a few simple terms.


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Getting past “Hello World”

The business world is all a-buzz about blogging. From Advertisers to Zookeepers the go-to advice for boosting business and SEO seems to always be “start a blog”.

Being a non-conformist at heart, I resisted the blog craze for quite a while. But as you are reading my very own blog at the moment you probably guessed I finally decided to give in!

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