Getting past “Hello World”

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The business world is all a-buzz about blogging. From Advertisers to Zookeepers the go-to advice for boosting business and SEO seems to always be “start a blog”.

Being a non-conformist at heart, I resisted the blog craze for quite a while. But as you are reading my very own blog at the moment you probably guessed I finally decided to give in!

So why did I cave, and should you follow suit? Well I found myself answering a lot of the same questions for my clients. I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to answer this question only once? And, I wonder how many other people have these same questions, with no one to ask. A good many of our clients are small business owners trying to navigate the a vast jungle often times without a guide. Because we as a small business ourself understand how hard that can be, we want to be a good guide for others when in the area of our expertise.

If your asking yourself “is blogging for me?” then ask yourself this first: “what do I have to share?” Do I you valuable information and opinions to share with those around me? That’s what blogging is all about - sharing your information and opinions on a regular basis. And before you post your first post, have a plan. What kind of things do you have to share and how often will you post? Set aside time once a day, or once a week to write posts, and plan future posts.


So many blogs are started for the sole purpose of grabbing a better spot on those coveted google search results, or maybe just because everyone else doing it. But if you don’t OFTEN (as in at least once a week) have something valuable to share, or you don’t have a plan for what and when you will share, then your not likely to get past “hello world”. And when people go to your blog and only find three old posts from two years ago, your blog will be more of a hinderance then a help and blog that isn’t used isn’t going to get you that primo spot on the google search either.

Lets hope now I can follow my own advice! Stay tuned for tips and FAQ’s about everything from SEO to Brand Recognition!

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