Training & Instructional

Cost-Effective. Video can be a very cost effective way of training and teaching a target audience. It can be easily distributed and can be watched at the viewer's convenience. Also, it also can illustrate and present topics in ways live instruction and printed materials cannot.

Presenting a clear message through video is our ultimate goal; even the most visually impressive video is worthless if it does not communicate and teach effectively. Because of this, we pay special attention to the concepts presented and seek to keep them logical and organized.

Entertaining. At Design One, we realize that training can seem somewhat boring at times. When appropriate, we look for ways to help make the video interesting without distracting from the message, in order to keep the viewer's attention.

We can videotape your company meetings, presentations, seminars and speeches.

Design One Media Group offers your company all the advantages of your own in-house production department, without the encumbrances of overhead, expensive production equipment and costly technical personnel.

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